2012 ACI-NA Commercial Management Committee Working Groups

ACI-NA Commercial Management Committee Working Groups
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The Commercial Management Committee serves as a forum for members to share ideas and exchange information among airport concessionaires, consultants and commercial properties professionals as well as to identify the best commercial practices at airports.

Further developments of the Commercial Management Committee handled by the three working groups: Concessions Benchmarking Working Group, Concessions Contracting and Business Practices Working Group and Commercial Development/Real Estate Working Group.

Each working group has been further described on the following survey pages. Please read the 2012 work plan before you sign up. Indicate if you are interested in participating in the respective working group by checking either "Yes" or "No" even if you have signed up for the working group before.
Any staff member of you airport/company are allowed to participate in the Commercial Management Working Groups.

Thank you for your participation.
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